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Hedge Shears (Samurai 201)

Hedge Shears (Samurai 201)

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  • [ MADE IN JAPAN ] - Kimura’s Samurai Series is manufactured in Sakai, Japan and is a popular choice for professional gardeners throughout Japan.
  • [ ERGONOMIC DESIGN ] - The handles are made of varnished Japanese White Oak, making them ultra lightweight, strong and comfortable.
  • [ SHARP & PRECISE ] - The razor sharp Japanese SK Hi-Carbon Steel Blades are forged in Japan and hand sharpened to ensure precision cutting and long-lasting sharpness.
  • [ MADE TO LAST ] - A heavy duty bolt holds the blades together with stainless steel rings and rivets holding the handles in place ensuring a stable construction.
  • [ LOW FRICTION ] - The hedge shear blades have been coated with a light layer of camellia oil to help them glide through plants with ease, allowing for a smooth cut every time
  • [ VERSATILE ] - The Samurai 201 model is ideal for shaping, edging and trimming hedges and shrubs. The short handles allow you to trim at a closer distance and in tighter spaces
  • [ TOPIARY ] - These are Japanese topiary shears and their primary use is to shape, edge and trim hedges.
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