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Secateurs (samurai 101+)

Secateurs (samurai 101+)

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About this Item:

  • [ MADE IN JAPAN ] - Kimura’s Samurai Series is manufactured in Sakai, Japan and is a popular choice for professional gardeners throughout Japan.
  • [ VERSATILE ] - These heavy duty bypass secateurs equip you with all you need to cut through 25mm thick stems with ease. Ideal for all-round cutting on plants, branches, hedges, flowers and more.
  • [ SHARP & PRECISE ] – The razor sharp Yasugi Steel Blades are forged in Japan and heat treated to 61 HRC ensuring long-lasting edge retention. Yasugi Steel was traditionally used to make Katana Swords used by the Samurai.
  • [ ERGONOMIC DESIGN ] - The aluminium handles are lightweight, ergonomic and coated in Non-Slip Vinyl for enhanced comfort and control - ideal for people suffering from arthritis or carpal tunnel.
  • [ MADE TO LAST ] – These Japanese secateurs have a tough aluminium construction with anti-rust components and riveted handles guaranteeing a durable product that is sure to stand the test of time.
  • [ LOW FRICTION ] - Yasugi Steel has superior wear resistance preventing sap build-up and rusting allowing the secateurs to consistently glide through stems with ease.
  • [ SAFE & RELIABLE ] – The safety lock is quick and easy to operate requiring only a light thumb push to unlock and lock securely.
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